Learn Petro Songs

Vodou Learning Music– Instant Download

For quite some time now, people have been asking to learn Vodou Songs. The problem is that most cds out on the market contain drumming, tcha tchas, and other background music. So it can be difficult to learn the songs. While I don’t claim to have the best voice in the world, I can sing clearly enough to help you learn them. I sing the songs slowly enough so that you can learn and sing along.

Petro Part 1-

1. Komance Maji
2. Bode Petro
3. Legba Petro
4. Kafou
5. Kafou
6. Kafou
7. Ezili Danto
8. Ezili Danto
9. Gran Bwa
10. Gran Bwa
11. Simbi
12. Simbi