Make An Offering to the Spirits


Here you can make an offering to the Spirit or Spirits who are working on your case.    You can send in your donation and we will use it to purchase and offer your desired offering to the Spirit on your behalf.
Common Offerings are:

Flowers ($21)

Licquor ($21)

Large Bottle of Licquor ($41)

Small food offering ($121) – We will prepare and give the proper food offering for your spirit

Manje Sek (dry offering)– $321 — We will prepare and give the appropriate offerings to the Spirits on your behalf

Hora Santa ($621) — Ceremony used to give thanks to the Spirit for their help

Full Ceremony (w/ Drums) — $3021 — this is a full ceremony that lasts for many hours, in which offerings of all kinds are given to the Spirits, drummers are hired to sing and drum for the Spirits and the Spirits are called in possession.

Other offerings can be given to the Spirit, you can email us if you are looking to offering something other than the list above.

Custom Work
Custom Work
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