Dear Friend,

Are you looking to achieve some desire easily and quickly? Something general, such as work, cleansing, protection or luck? You don’t realize it but in the next few minutes you will learn how to do just that.

Spiritual Baths have been used since the beginning of time by people to connect with the divine and solve their problems. And in the days of today, there is nothing that we need more!

Spiritual baths remove psychic debris that may inhibit your personal power. Special herbal essences, oils and perfumes are combined to create powerful Spiritual Baths assist the healing process.  Different Baths are aimed at different goals. Spiritual baths also enhance the other work you are doing, sometimes to the point that you may find that you receive what you want without doing anything else.


-Easy to use
– Incredibly Powerful

– Ancient Secret Recipes that have been known to get results time and time again.

Using the right ingredients, our Baths project the aroma of POWER

-Charged with proper energy, They have been Blessed by the Spiritual Guides and filled with Spiritual Power

And you have many options to choose from:

 Love Bath

Unlock your powers of attraction and seduction! This bath has been described by our clients as having mystical, beautiful and lavish results in the areas of love and romance.   By infusing your aura with loving energy, you will be a love magnet. Attracting positive people and delightful experiences. Wherever you decide to go, the spotlight will be on you! This is one bath I know you, and everyone around you, is going to love.

 Cleansing Bath

Fact is many illnesses can be avoided if we just took care of ourselves better. The same applies to the spiritual world, many problems could be avoided if we just cleansed ourselves often. The power of this bath to strip away negative energies is simply unsurpassed! Bathe in this impressive mixture and emerge a brand new person.

 Steady Work

Breakthrough an unemployment slump with this proven bath mixture.  By applying this bath, opportunities for new employment will not be scarce. Most, after taking this bath, are bombarded with many special offers and new opportunities in the realm of employment.


War Bath

Exude the aura of power and overcome your enemies! Have the vigorous and mighty warrior energy accompany you. Those nasty people will be too afraid to even approach you. The great thing is that it doubles as a general protection bath as well.


Road Opener -Gate Opening Bath
* Most Popular Best Selling Bath*

Obstacles everywhere? Unlock the doors so that you can achieve your highest potential, with this bath. By removing those obstacles and opening the gates your success will be catapulted to new levels. The absolute ultimate when it comes to block busting baths.


Domination Bath


Dominate your lovers, friends, coworkers, bosses, or enemies with this powerful mix.  Look at you know, you are the boss!




I will Prepare a Customized and Targeted Magical Spiritual Bath for You and Your Situation.  These baths are 3X’s more powerful that the General Magical Baths Listed Above.



Magical Bath Spells
Spiritual Cleansing Bath, Magical Love Bath and More. Click Link For Info
Price: $101.00
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